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Tummler and Solomon - You've Worn Out Your Welcome



Posted 9/28/14 - 4:30 PM ET

Tastes Like Rock - Tummler and Solomon - You've Worn Out Your Welcome Review
Tastes Like Rock - Tummler and Solomon - You've Worn Out Your Welcome Review

Heavy, experimental, and somehow dissonant yet not all at the same time. Tummler and Solomon have an interesting sound, deep and bass driven, melodic with deep drop tuning, dark and drudging in a good way (I know that's kind of an oxymoron in terms). I don't recommend listening to this while driving, seriously, as it can induce meditative/trance state when coupled with a monotonous task. Some tracks could definitely be the soundtrack to a horror movie for how heavy they are. Only seven songs long, though an investment in time as several tracks hit or surpass the ten minute mark, this reviewer would like to hear more of their stuff, and cover a live show if only to see if the following part of their bio is BS or not: "Fans have described various paranormal disturbances and phenomena during performances which seem to be of extraterrestrial origin. These phenomena fuel the themes of Tummler and Solomon's songwriting, a conduit to the unknown based on resonance and dynamics."

As stated in that bio, the band's play with resonance and the dynamics of blending sounds and the vocalization of sounds is interesting but can get monotonous with extended listening; not in a bad way. Especially if you have an interest in tonal experimentation and its affects on mood as well as how the sounds affect each other.

Track List:

  1. You've Worn Out Your Welcome
  2. A Photograph of Lions
  3. The Politics of Dying
  4. Climbing Up the Curtains
  5. People Who Own Horses
  6. A Righteous Offering
  7. Handfed by Ghosts

Choice cut is "Handfed by Ghosts".

Tummler and Solomon get a 3 out of 5 for You've Worn Out Your Welcome, you need to love doom and sledge metal to make it through this album, not recommended if you're not into those metal subgenres or have no experience with them.

Tummler and Solomon is Matt Abramson (bass and organ), Austin Iverson (drums), Paul Lyon (guitar and vocals). For more on Tummler and Solomon check out tummlerandsolomon.bandcamp.com/.

- Michael Meade