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Steve Bello Band - Quicker Than The Devil (Single)



Posted 6/5/15 - 10:00 PM ET

The Steve Bello Band is back and bringing a tighter sound than ever before! The song begins with a melodic intro and then the New Jersey based three piece outfit brings the heavy speed to snap the listener's attention fully onto the song's every last note. Overall the band sounds supercharged, the time they took off seriously reinvigorated the trio.  And that is saying something seeing as they were on top of their game before, the time out of the public has propelled them past that game onto new levels.

The blending of genres is masterful, while each flavor of music is easily detected, no one genre completely overpowers the others in the composition. Prog Metal is obviously at the forefront, but still lets the others shine. Definitely a triumphant return for the band, this reviewer is looking forward to the next round songs the band is planning on releasing soon. All I can say is go and download this song from the Steve Bello Band and then keep an eye on the trio from here forward!

Quicker Than The Devil gets a 4.5 out of 5! And that other 0.5 is only off because I wanted to jam to this song for a minute longer!

Steve Bello Band is Steve Bello: 7-string guitars; Joe DeMott: 5-string bass; Kamran Vaziri: drums. For more visit http://steviehimself.wix.com/bello1969.

- Michael Meade