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Something You Whisper - From The Other Side



Posted 4/22/14 - 3:57 AM ET

Tastes Like Rock - Something You Whisper - From The Other Side Review
Tastes Like Rock - Something You Whisper - From The Other Side Review

Something You Whisper shows how diverse they can on the From The Other Side EP, showcased are example of their ability to write and play rock, metal, metalcore at points, ballads, and that sweet spot that rides the line that borders hard rock and metal. They shine particularly well on that line, not unlike Halestorm's ability to find that same nexus point, and explode with their best and strongest instrumentation and vocals. The whiplash between genres, where the jump is less subtle, might generate a negative response from some reviewers; but this reviewer digs when musicians can seamlessly run between all of their strong suits in one album, let alone a six song EP (with one track being an acoustic version of another, no less). Plus, diversity is good. Diversity is very good. I've said it before and I'll doubtless say it again, there is far too much homogenization of and eventually inundation of one sound/genre in music and Something You Whisper clearly is not content to stay in one mold. 

Vocals are sharp throughout, and are quite nicely executed on the acoustic cut of “Who I've Become”, instruments are also strong on each song and musicianship is top notch top to bottom; though are strongest, from a technical standpoint as well as passion in the playing, on “Dead In Fiction” and “Anti-Conscience”. Definitely worth checking out, this reviewer recommends Something You Whisper for the discerning metalcore enthusiast, that appreciates something deeper than death grunts and machine gun drumming.

Track list:

  1. Who I've Become
  2. Speak To Me
  3. Breathless Voice
  4. Dead In Fiction
  5. Anti-Conscience
  6. Who I've Become (Acoustic)

Choice cuts are “Speak To Me”, “Anti-Conscience”, and “Who I've Become” (Acoustic).

Something You Whisper gets a 3.5 out of 5 for From The Other Side.

Something You Whisper is Wes Will (vocals), Tom McArthur (drums), Kyle Adshade (guitar, vocals), Austin Palladini (guitar, vocals), and Brian Shepherd (bass, vocals). For More on Something You Whisper check out www.facebook.com/somethingyouwhisper and www.twitter.com/SYWband.

- Michael Meade