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Resurrectionists #5 (Digital Release Only)
Dark Horse Comics
Posted 3/11/15 - 9:49 PM EST                                                                             


Dark Horse Comics' Official Solicitation: "To pull off the highest-stakes heist in history, Jericho Way—a Resurrectionist known as the Maker who’s been awakened to the knowledge and abilities of all of his past lives—must team up with the woman who helped ruin his current life: his ex-wife Adele. Way and the Scout need her skills, which means she needs to be unlocked. But will millennia after millennia of skills be enough to free their crew from the clutches of the evil Sojourn Corporation?"

  • Script: Fred Van Lente
  • Artist: Maurizio Rosenzweig
  • Inks and Colors: Moreno Dinisio
  • Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
  • Cover Artist: Juan Doe
  • Designer: David Nestelle
  • Production: Ryan Jorgensen
  • Assistant Editor: Spencer Cushing
  • Editor: Jim Gibbons
  • Publisher: Mike Richardson
  • Release Date: 3/11/2015

This fifth issue of The Resurrectionists is as trippy as the previous issues, in a good sci-fi/fantasy way with each of the main cast being a Resurrectionist, a person born with the knowledge of their past lives. Mix this element with a good, old fashioned heist thriller and you get a pretty damn cool story. Unlike the previous issues, though, number five was released by Dark Horse as a digital only release and according to future solicitations so will be April's issue number six. This reviewer is unsure of the reason for the switch as The Resurrectionists title has received mostly positive reviews, I did not notice this note on the advance review copies for this weeks releases received from Dark Horse so there wasn't time to reach out to the publisher for comment. Back to the issue itself, the story is well crafted and moves at a fast pace as a crime/heist thriller should, the writer gives equal attention to both the supernatural/spiritual elements of the story and the crime thriller side; thus producing a solid amalgamation of the genres, leaving neither feeling neglected. This really is a solid story with well researched information on Reincarnation mythology and beliefs from around the world. Focus is on pre-Christian pagan Egyptian beliefs in reincarnation, as that has been presented from the beginning as one of the main time periods that truly ties the Resurrectionists together.

Artwork is solid from line work to inks and colors, presenting a blend of lights and darks that meld the fantastic with the mundane, grittiness of a crime noir to same level of perfection as the narrative does. Pacing for this issue is decently breakneck as things are moving toward a head in issue 6, the story doesn't feel rushed though, the speed builds a proper gravitas for what is coming next. Overall, well done from cover to cover, if you're not reading Dark Horse's The Resurrectionists, I recommend getting the back issues and downloading this issue and next upon it's release in April.

The Resurrectionists #5 gets a solid 4 out of 5.

For more on the Resurrectionists and other titles from Dark Horse visit www.darkhorse.com and get out to your local comic and hobby shops, support local comic retailers before they disappear!

- Michael Meade

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