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Psyborg Corp. - The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana

Electro Sci-Fi Opera/Electronic/Cyberpunk

NoiTekk/Black Rain Media Group GmbH

Posted 10/2/14 - 3:22 PM ET

Tastes Like Rock - Psyborg Corp - Frozen Shrines Review
Tastes Like Rock - Psyborg Corp - Frozen Shrines Review

"Electro Sci-Fi Opera", this description of their sound and this album is perfect. Bogotá, Colombia based Cyberpunk/Electro masters, Psyborg Corp., has crafted an entire space opera in a mere eleven songs; that includes a well thought out, multiple chapter, and well written back story that the album carries further. Electro sounds and compositions are new and futuristic and convey a fuller picture of the story the band is telling with their songs of ancient prophecies, alien worlds, advanced technology, and alien peoples striving to survive an unstoppable cataclysm, corrupt governments keeping secrets to seize power, and an underground order of monks that may have found the key left to them by their spiritual ancestors to save their solar system from the imminent danger of destruction and corruption et al. all the earmarks of a solid sci-fi blockbuster in the vein of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dune, or Farscape just to name a few. Yet, unlike any of those at the same time. If this were a blockbuster Sci-Fi movie instead of an album it would be cleaning up at the box office! 

The album can't be listened to in a cherry picking fashion, too much appreciation for the music and the story it tells is lost unless it's told together. Cyberpunk sensibilities and themes telling the stories of another species out in the dark void of space... about three different fanboy parts of my heart light up at the thought. Musically, this trio from South America are awesomely skilled as a unit and I'm sure individually as well. They have taken electro/cyberpunk music to a new level for me, and I highly recommend checking them out and The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana in particular from their body of work. Pacing isn't far off from other electro and dark wave albums, a steady pace of fast and slower, but not too slow of course, cyber jams. But, as stated above, thought out with the story the band is telling through their music in mind, each song is a chapter leading to climax of part one of the story of Obsÿdÿana.

Track List:

  1. Millennia Frost
  2. Polaris
  3. Within My Winter
  4. Cryovolcano Terrorzone
  5. A Frostbitten Providence
  6. The Submarina Brigade
  7. Krÿstallÿa Havok
  8. Tekhelet's Ice Cyclone
  9. Glacier Death Squad's Rampage
  10. Of Visions and Blizzards
  11. The Aurora of the Crystal Centipede

I can't assign choice cuts on this album, I will say my favorite song was "The Aurora of the Crystal Centipede", but again, this album is a must listen from start to finish piece of awesome you should be listening to.

Psyborg Corp. gets a 4.5 out of 5 for The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana.

Psyborg Corp. is: p5YbORG: Maelstrom Vox Stormblaster; Gia: Crystal Soundwave Mainframe, Colossal Freezing Beat Rumbler; User X86: Avalanche Shredding Harmonizer. For more on Psyborg Corp. check out https://soundcloud.com/psyborg-corp and https://www.youtube.com/user/PsyBorgCorp.

- Michael Meade