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MofoisDead - Brisneyland

Moist Metal/Goatcore


Posted 1/30/16 - 2:07 AM ET

MofoisDead - Brisneyland
MofoisDead - Brisneyland

MofoisDead creates their own brand of metal-edged alt-rock with their songs on Brisneyland. The Brisbane, Australia-based three piece outfit has many modern and classic metal tropes within their songwriting, but they make it own blending in rock and alternative melodies and hooks. Vocals run the gauntlet of the above genres, and vocalist Paul Galagher does a pretty damn good job of it too. Melodies are often have an ethereal quality to them, in the songs that lean a little more toward alt-rock, this reviewer is more than okay with that; I like the convergence of styles and genres to create new things that is unequivocally a band's signature. I'm all about the alchemy of music, combining different parts and seeing what new synthesis can occur. Instruments are tight throughout the album, I like the fuzz and reverb heavy sound the band had made, gives it a lo-fi quality I dig; it reminds me of garage metal bands playing for the love of the music with half fried amps. Vocals keep pace with the instruments and fit the style the band as a whole has developed beautifully. 

Vocal style falls a little on the emo side, think Hawthorne Heights in their prime, again, totally fine with that; Hawthorne Heights was one of the few bands during the big emo surge in the early 2000's I didn't want to glue ear plugs in my ears for. Pacing of the entire album hits a sweet spot that gets the emotional narratives and imagery of the songs across without being weighed down by them and thusly get stale before hitting the halfway point of the whole thing.

Track List:

  1. Plutocracy
  2. SemiDrop
  3. The Altruist
  4. The Human Condition
  5. Mournography
  6. Born Shit Die

Choice Cuts are "Plutocracy", "The Altruist", and "The Human Condition".

MofoisDead gets a solid 4 out of 5 for Brisneyland.

MofoisDead is Paul Galagher (vocals, guitars), Juddy Jeffs (bass), and Luke Pammenton (drums). For more on MofoisDead check out www.mofoisdead.com.

- Michael Meade