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Million Dollar Fix - Psychedelephant EP

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Posted 7/19/14 - 10:38 PM ET 

Tastes Like Rock - MillionDollar Fix- Psychedelephant Review
Tastes Like Rock - MillionDollar Fix- Psychedelephant Review

Million Dollar Fix is pretty damn balls to the wall rock 'n roll. Hard riffs and tasty hooks, their is like if AC/DC and Wolfmother had a baby, and it is good. Instruments are hard and guitars in particular have a fuzz to them with a dirty edge like their amps are burning out, drums are strong and defined; no machine gun fire, which is fine by this reviewer. Not knocking the machine gun approach, it impressive in technicality but gets too repetitive for my ear after a while. Bass provides a solid set of bass lines on each song backing the rest of the rhythm section with the presence a bassist should have, and vocals reminiscent of Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale, but not to the point that it sounds like a wannabe clone of Stockdale (thank the musical gods). The Canadian four piece lays down solid, get off your ass and rock out, rock 'n roll on this four track EP, look them up and keep an eye on the Calgary, Alberta based Million Dollar Fix; I have a feeling you won't regret it.

With EPs it's hard to give a lot of depth to reviews, depending on the number of songs and lyrical/musical content of those songs; but if the musicianship laid down on Psychedelephant is the staple of what this outfit puts out regularly, all I have to ask is why aren't they signed on all rock radio stations? There are only two downsides to this EP, first is there are only four songs and I want to hear what else Million Dollar Fix has up their sleeves. Second is that the compositions of the songs also are reminiscent of Wolfmother, not in a ripped off kind of way, but the heavy use of guitars as the leading edge of the songs is close to the style that Wolfmother used heavily on the hits that gained them a name in the US. Teamed with the similarities of the vocal stylings, this could turn off anyone that doesn't listen close enough to Million Dollar Fix; and that's not a huge concern... you're going to want to listen.

Pacing of the EP is not break neck, but definitely hard and fast, perfect for a hard rock outfit.

Track List:

  1. Never Fight Her Flow
  2. The Crow
  3. Hoptical Illusions
  4. Kill The Banker

Choice cuts are "Never Fight Her Flow" and "Hoptical Illusions" (the bass line really rips in this song).

Million Dollar Fix gets a solid 4 out of 5 for Psychedelephant.

Million Dollar Fix is Logan Derby (Guitar/Vocals), Keegan Costella (Bass/Vocals), Jeff Shibby Smith (Drums), and Brad Weidlich (Lead Guitar). For more on Million Dollar Fix check out http://milliondollarfix.ca/.

- Michael Meade