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Love Zombies - Be Honest (Single)

Power Pop/Punk/Rock


Posted 3/14/15 - 12:04 PM EST 

Tastes Like Rock - Love Zombies - Be Honest Review
Tastes Like Rock - Love Zombies - Be Honest Review

The Love Zombies' new single, "Be Honest", recalls 60's girl group fun poppy energy, mixed with some old school UK punk scene power, and a vibe that's reminiscent of Tragic Kingdom era No Doubt mixed with Blondie. The five piece, London based band is set to become another big thing to come out of the UK, their current tour opening for Stiff Little Fingers could definitely help that along. The band deserves it too, they deliver a song that could easily conquer Top 40 radio while keeping their indie/up and coming/underground charm and appeal. Pardon the hipsterish following statement, but this reviewer has been saying Love Zombies' vocalist, Hollis, would get there for years as I've followed her career as a friend and journalist (sometimes employee in the early days) since her first original band; namesake Hollis. In fact, if not for Hollis and Mike P, bass player for Hollis and now part of TLR's own Team Hyena, I probably wouldn't have started Tastes Like Rock. Nostalgia aside, keep your eyes and ears on Love Zombies, check out their video for "Be Honest" here on TLR in the music video section before it's cycled out. Love Zombies are infectious, and once you've heard them you won't want a cure.

Love Zombies get a 4.5 out of 5 for "Be Honest".

Love Zombies are Hollis J, Davey, Rico, Pete, and James. For more from Love Zombies visit www.lovezombies.co.uk/.

- Michael Meade