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FlashFires - Shy (Single)



Posted 3/15/15 - 9:28 PM ET  

Tastes Like Rock - FlashFires - Shy Review
Tastes Like Rock - FlashFires - Shy Review

FlashFires delivers a catchy indie/alt-pop number with "Shy", throwing it back to the early 2000's with the melody, very 2003 Kaiser Chiefs. Not a rip off, very similar vibe and melodic structuring is all, it's a good toe tapper and like many of the reviews this week, the five piece indie band is UK based. If the rest of their upcoming EP, The PLAY EP, that "Shy" is the second single from, and gives hope the rest is just as good or surpasses the quality of "Shy". While there are a lot of solo indie acts I like, this reviewer hasn't been digging too many bands that fall under the alternative indie sound for a while now; but like I said above this a decent song with a good groove and some tasty hooks. Definitely a candidate for a summer anthem or YA novel movie adaptation soundtrack (the latter of which could be looked as a negative I suppose, but hey, I liked the Percy Jackson movies and Hunger Games is a much better allegory piece than I thought it would be), if FlashFires blows up in the UK and crosses over the pond Stateside.

FlashFires gets a solid 4 out of 5 for "Shy".

FlashFires is Alex Gonzato, Fraser Roskilly, Toby Bartlett, Jon Cullis, and Liam Kinslow. For more from FlashFires and keep up on details about their upcoming EP visit http://flashfiresofficial.com/ff/.

- Michael Meade