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Faith No More - Superhero (Single)

Alternative/Metal/Experimental Rock

Reclamation Records

Posted 3/3/15 - 1:59 PM ET

Tastes Like Rock - Faith No More - Super Hero Review
Tastes Like Rock - Faith No More - Super Hero Review

Faith No More's second single, "Superhero", off their new album, Sol Invictus, blurs the lines between alt rock and metal. If you've only listened to the songs that have made it on FM rock stations, this won't be the FNM you're used to; that's a good thing. If "Superhero" sets the tone of the rest of Sol Invictus and where the five piece outfit is going in the future, then this reviewer is looking forward to the more experimental sound. Clocking in at a little over 5 minutes, the single jams on for a while with a drop tuned sound similar to Korn's goth jams before Welch left (of course FNM has been around longer, it's a similar vibe). Lyrics do get repetitive, but they are socially driven and ring in your head, clearly asking listeners to think about whether they wish to be leaders or followers, and what kind of leader will they be if they choose that path. Digging this track, but looking forward to the rest of the album for more of an experience.

Faith No More gets a 3.5 out 5. Sol Invictus is scheduled to drop this May.

Faith No More is currently Mike Bordin (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Billy Gould (bass, backing vocals), Roddy Bottum (keyboard, backing vocals), Mike Patton (lead vocals), and Jon Hudson (guitars, backing vocals). For more Faith No More visit www.fnm.com.

- Michael Meade