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Exodus - Blood In, Blood Out
Thrash Metal
Nuclear Blast Records
Posted 12/2/14 3:39 PM ET


Loud, abusive, and pissed off; just like every thrash album should be. Exodus is back with Blood In, Blood Out, and they are just hard and heavy as when they first came on the scene 30 years ago with ripping guitars, grinding bass, and skull splitting drums. Exodus seems to level up with every album, sounding more cohesive and unified with each passing year despite the changes in personnel over the years. The songs on Blood In, Blood Out are full of rage and a shit-ton of blood lust, and social commentary to boot; not in agreement with all of it but it's cool to see thrash metal trying to evoke thought and get listeners and fans talking and thinking about the world around them. Keeping people head banging and thrash dancing on top of that is just a bonus. Souza's vocals are razor sharp and rip through you like a combo of Bon Scott's raspy scream and Dave Mustaine's pitch, while the guitars of Holt and Atlus shred like they are thrash incarnate, and Gibson's bass and Hunting's drums pound like a sonic beating giving the rest of the band's sound not only it's backbone but also two giant fists of musical muscle.

Thrash isn't always my favorite type of metal, most of the time isn't, too many pointlessly repetitive songs that bleed into one another failing to display the musicians' talents. But Exodus takes that BS and throws it out of the window, letting it fall to it's death on the ground below. Pacing of the album is pretty typical thrash style, hard and unrelenting, but not tiring.

Track list:

  1. Black 13
  2. Blood In, Blood Out
  3. Collateral Damage
  4. Salt The Wound
  5. Body Harvest
  6. BTK
  7. Wrapped In The Arms of Rage
  8. My Last Nerve
  9. Numb
  10. Honor Killings
  11. Food For The Worms

Choice cuts are the title track, "Wrapped In The Arms of Rage", and "Food For The Worms".

Exodus gets a 4 out of 5 for their tenth studio album; Blood In, Blood Out.

Exodus is Steve "Zetro" Souza (vocals), Gary Holt (guitars), Lee Atlus (guitars), Jack Gibson (bass), and Tom Hunting (drums). For more on Exodus check out www.exodusattack.com.

- Michael Meade

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