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Evil Scarecrow - Robototron (2009) [Single]
Heavy Metal
E.G.O. Booking
Posted 2/9/15 - 10:25 PM ET


Evil Scarecrow's missing track from Sixty-Six Past Six finally sees release as a single. The song's narrative is about a robot named Robototron... obviously. Robototron goes off program and sets out to kill all humans, the song is good, but nothing that breaks the heavy metal mold. That's not a bad thing here, the song is good and stronger metal than a good chunk of what is being produced in the US; but it feels like the band could have broke out of the heavy metal box as it stands and gone further in either narrative of the lyrics or beyond the standard heavy guitars, pounding drums that fall just short of the super repetitive machine gun fire style. It's better than color by numbers, radio friendly metal (I wish that was still an oxymoron), but it falls short of greatness. Pacing is a bit of a throwback, again this is fine by this reviewer, so flow of the vocals and instruments are in sync as opposed to many songs across the genre spectrum over the past few years. Instruments and vocals are tight, vocals cross between old school heavy metal and death grunts for a nice balance between pre-grunge metal and post 2000's rock revival metal.

Evil Scarecrow gets a 3.5 out of 5 for Robototron (2009).

Evil Scarecrow is Dr. Rabid Hell (vocals, guitars), Brother Dimitri Pain (guitars), Kraven Morrdeth (bass), Princess Luxury (keyboards) Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist (drums). For more from Evil Scarecrow visit www.evilscarecrow.co.uk/.

- Michael Meade

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