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Ei8ht #1
Dark Horse Comics
Posted 2/18/15 - 10:45 PM EST


Dark Horse Comics' Official Solicitation: "Welcome to the Meld, an inhospitable dimension in time where Joshua, a chrononaut, finds himself trapped. With no memory or feedback from the team of scientists that sent him, he can’t count on anything but his heart and a stranger’s voice to guide him to his destiny."

"The Past is Green. The Present is Purple. The Future is Blue. The Meld is Something Else Entirely."

  • Story: Rafael Albuquerque & Mike Johnson
  • Script: Mike Johnson
  • Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
  • Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
  • Cover Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
  • Designer: Brennan Thom
  • Production: Allyson Haller
  • Assistant Editor: Spencer Cushing
  • Editor: Sierra Hahn
  • Publisher: Mike Richardson

Ei8ht could be the next big science fiction comic, it's debut issue has already hooked this reviewer and sci-fi fan. The story is fractured and fast moving, but not in a bad way at all, the protagonist, or at least seeming protagonist at this early point, is the reader's eye piece into the story. This role is played to pitch perfection as you have no better idea of where he has landed than he does, readers are taking the same journey as the enigmatic Joshua. Part Quantum Leap and part The 100, Ei8ht needs to be on your pull list if you like mind bending trips through non-linear perspective, quantum mechanics driven, time travel adventure. 

This is a quick review to avoid spoilers, though without reading it in full the spoilers I could give wouldn't make sense with laying out the issue from start to finish for those reading this review. There is one exception to that, but it'd blow the last page cliffhanger... just read the book. Go to your comic shop now or Dark Horse Digital and get Ei8ht, truly, if you love science fiction and time travel in particular; and can wrap your mind around what looks to be building a non-linear take on time travel (one part in the middle of the book makes you think it's a Back to the Future type linear take on time travel where an alteration to the past will change and wipe out all possibilities rather creating new timelines that co-exist in a multiverse fashion, and then a page later makes you question that assumption), and I'm looking forward to seeing how that plays out. Lost many an afternoon seriously pondering time paradoxes and their ramifications on reality over the years.

Artwork is stark and built of contrasts, detail flows between detailed and somewhat abstract, but works beautifully, and helps the reader identify with Joshua's disorientation upon arrival in the Meld.

Ei8ht gets a 4.5 out of 5.

For more on Ei8ht, visit www.darkhorse.com and of course get out your local comic and hobby shops that carry comics and support small business while we still have them!

- Michael Meade

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