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Dream Thief: Escape #2
Dark Horse Comics
Posted 7/25/14 - 10:19 PM ET

Writer: Jai Nitz

Artist, Colorist, Letters, Cover Artist: Greg Smallwood

Editor: Patrick Thorpe

Release Date: 7/23/14


Dark Horse Comics' Official Solicitation: "John Lincoln has to break two men out of two separate prisons . . . simultaneously! While plotting elaborate revenge against his tormentor, Patricio Brown-Eagle, will he have any time to share with the father he never knew? Or will the ghosts get a hold of the Dream Thief first?"

Dream Thief: Escape is an interesting blending of modern crime noir and paranormal events and powers. Another in a long line of ghost possession stories over the last few years, this one however has an interesting spin that also mixes in some costumed and no-costumed vigilantism as well as spanning several decades. This helps give the storyline depth and breadth, which is nice, anything with any ties to the supernatural of late, outside of the comics medium, seems almost rushed with minimal back story and little to no way to identify or feel empathy with any of the characters. Dream Thief: Escape flips that script well. Vigilante themes, think along the lines of Sons of Anarchy without the bikes not superheroes, are prevalent but are a symptom of the supernatural themes and vice versa as they proliferate each other very well. Jai Nitz displays a handle not only on each set of story themes but also blending them, I'm looking forward to the rest of this series and more of Nitz's writing; this is the first series I've read of his but after this issue of Dream Thief: Escape I'm looking up his works.

Greg Smallwood's art is awesomely fit to this story, dark and gritty, realistic but somewhat akin to the artwork for the film version of A Scanner Darkly in style, but of course not CG. Smallwood also has a way of conveying the environment of Florida, particularly the humidity, as though you're seeing in real life and not on the page. Not to dwell, but anyone that has lived in or visited Florida for any length of time, Orlando and points south especially, knows that this is a huge compliment to Greg's artwork; humid air in the lower central and southern most parts of the state is almost an entity unto itself. Conveying that in one's artwork is a feat to be admired.

Dream Thief: Escape #2 gets a solid 4 out of 5.

For more on Dream Thief: Escape check out www.darkhorse.com and get out to your local comic shops!

- Michael Meade

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