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Baltimore: Chapel of Bones #1 of 2
Dark Horse Comics
Posted 1/3/14 11:21 PM ET

Story: Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden

Art: Ben Stenbeck

Colors: Dave Stewart

Letters: Clem Robins

Cover Art: Ben Stenbeck with Dave Stewart

Release Date: 1/1/2014


Dark Horse Comics' Official Solicitation: After his long hunt, Baltimore finally confronts the vampire who destroyed his life in London for a final showdown!

This reviewer now realizes, after reading Baltimore: Chapel of Bones #1, that I have been missing out on the Baltimore series by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden! Missing out in a pretty big way in fact. I'll be checking out the previous 18 issues and the novel for sure after reading this one issue that blew by as I was reading it. Mignola, with Golden, shines as always; as a big fan of Mignola's Hellboy, Baltimore shows me once again that I really need to pay more attention to Mignola's other writings. Atmosphere of the narration and dialogue as well as the art and colors (Ben Stenbeck and Dave Stewart's work respectively) form a beautifully gloomy and horrific picture of post-World War I London. 

If horror like this still existed in the cinema, I would one happy horror buff! Creepy and inhuman monsters, yet not completely devoid of humanity even if it's the unpleasant aspects of the human condition; these vampires function as dark mirrors to the human psyche, the aspects we all try to hide and bury. Vengeance and blood lust being focal points of the vampire at the center of Chapel of Bones. The scenes are tight and scary where it suits the narrative best  and cinematic in scope, like the last page, a breathless cliffhanger that begs the month between issues to fly at breakneck speed.

Baltimore: Chapel of Bones #1 gets a solid 4 out of 5.

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- Michael Meade

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