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Aji Brokenbones Samiaji - Save Our Culture of Sundanese

Neo Classical/Sudanese Ethnic/World/Shred Metal

Shredguy Records

Posted 5/24/14 7:49 PM ET

Tastes Like Rock - Aji Brokenbones Samiaji - Save Our Sudanese Culture Review
Tastes Like Rock - Aji Brokenbones Samiaji - Save Our Sudanese Culture Review

A teaming of World Music, Indonesian Sudanese Ethnic to be specific, with shred metal is awe inspiring and completely beautiful. Not only for bringing this aspect of Indonesian culture to a wider audience, but for the technical creativity and beauty of bringing together increasingly rare instruments like karingding centreng, rebab, bonang, saron, kendang, gegedukan and modern instruments with roots in Europe and of course some shredding guitar! So much beauty, power, and history in every note, it's easy to forget you're listening to a metal album; sublime on so many levels, it's going to be hard when I get to the choice cuts section of this review. Hell, it's going to be hard continuing the review, period. These songs are better to be heard and felt than spoken of, sure Aji's guitar work is awesome (and I will be talking about it in more depth momentarily), but the pieces of the songs that utilize the Sudanese instruments listed earlier mixed with the vocals and Indonesian Sudanese language is haunting, fills one with awe, and has a wonderful effect opening one's eyes wider than most find comfortable. The last only if one truly listens though, I recommend picking this album and to listen closely. Let the music take you where it will, it is meant to be experienced.

Aji's shredding is epic, expanding and strengthening the traditional elements of these songs while being no less metal for it. The man will melt your face while opening your consciousness to another culture... this reviewer asks, is there anything better than that? Musicianship is top notch here and never falls short of what I assume is Aji's best, and if this isn't his best, then nobody is ready for that level of music. Pacing of the album feels like a grand history or epic mythological narrative condensed to seven songs. There is so much about this album that words fail to convey without you, reading this right now, listening to it as well. Go and buy this album now... I'll wait until you get back and then we'll continue talking about it............ I'm serious, go, now.

Track list:

  1. Warning of the Death
  2. Paradise
  3. Java
  4. Tone of Tears
  5. Mind Evolution
  6. Concerto
  7. Riborn

Choice cuts are hard to pick on this one, but "Mind Evolution" and "Riborn" stuck with me with a little harder than the other songs; which is saying something for this album.

Aji Brokenbones Samiaji gets a 5 out of 5 for "Save Our Culture of Sudanese".

For more from Aji check out www.shredguyrecords.bigcartel.com.

- Michael Meade